Online wildlife photography & image processing classes 

Learn in the comfort of your own home

With the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, we have had to stall our very popular classroom and practical workshops. 

We have decided to do some online classes using the Zoom Video Conferencing platform.

We have put together 10 WIldlife Photography & Image processing modules to assist you in your learning at extremely favourable rates.

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All classes are at 8pm South African time


Catch up videos are available if you can't make a session and we will answer any questions you may have...


1 -  The Exposure Triangle - Monday 22 June

2 - Autofocus settings in Wildlife Photography - Tuesday 23 June

3 - Depth of field - Wednesday 24 June

4 - Mastering exposure in all modes - Thursday 25 June

5 - Compositional elements - Friday 26 June

6 - Night time photography - Monday 29 June

7 - Macro photography including flash - Tuesday 30 June

8 - Image processing using Adobe Lightroom - Wednesday 1 July

9 - Advanced photoshop techniques - Thursday 2 July

10 - Custom settings for instant access - Friday May 3 July


More detailed information regarding each module is further down this page


Most classes are around 75 minutes long. 

Detailed module information:

1 - The Exposure Triangle

Understanding Light

Stops and exposure

Shutter Speed - The right amounts for different scenes

Aperture - Manage your depth of field

ISO - Gain some light and manage your noise

Techniques for sharp shooting out of hand

Using the right modes for different scenes


2 - Autofocus settings in Wildlife Photography 

Auto-focus points explained

Auto-focus modes explained (AI Servo, AF-C, One Shot, AF-S etc - names brand specific)

Focus tracking (*Camera model specific)

Fine tuning continuous auto-focus systems (*Camera model specific)

Back button focus (*Camera model specific)

Practical examples showed


3 - Depth of field (DOF)

Depth of field eamples

The three pillars of DOF

Depth of field explained

Practical techniques in Wildlife Photography

Hyperfocal Distance (HD)

Practical HD use in Landscape Photography


4 - Mastering exposure in all shooting modes

Understanding metering

Auto-exposure vs manual modes explained

Exposure compensation 

Aperture / Shutter Speed / ISO 

Practical implimentation in Wildlife Photography


5 - Compositional Elements

Compositional rules - framing or cropping your subjects

How to manage space around your subjects

Context - Portraying animals in their environment

Lead lines, backgrounds and bokeh

Angles - getting down and dirty 

6 - Night Photography - Stars, Moon & Lightning

Hyperfocal distance auto-focus settings explained

Drive modes explained

Equipment needed

Capture lightning everytime

Direction setup for Stars

Star trail settings

Milky Way settings

Moon Shots


7 - Macro photography including flash

Off camera flash & trigger setups

Equipment required

Macro photography setup 

Macro settings

Macro photography live demo


8 - Image Processing techniques

Image culling using Adobe Bridge

Quick and easy imports into Lightroom

Basic image processing using the sliders

Correct White Balance procedures

Understanding dynamic range and colour depth between RAW & Jpg -

Using collections in Lightroom

Exporting for social media & print including watermarks


9 - Advanced photoshop techniques

Transparent backgrounds

Setting up image watermarks

Advanced image processing

Introduction to layers

Advanced selections including hair or fur

Creating layer masks



10 - Custom settings for instant access

Basic settings for your next shot

Custom settings explained - User defined presets (*Camera model specific)

Custom mode 1 - Birds in flight

Custom mode 2 - Slow motion panning

Custom mode 3 - Night time flash

Custom mode 4 - High speed action

We will use the Zoom video Conferencing platform for all the training. All the classes can be downloaded after the session is complete for future reference. Please ensure that you enable the "download video" function during the class. We will not be responsible for distributing the videos after the class. It is your responsibility.

More information...

Sign up for an individual class or take a bundle option.  All classes are around 75 minutes depending on the content. There will be a Q&A session during the classes.


Classes start at 8pm week nights.

What you need...

A PC, tablet or smartphone with speakers and a mic. A webcam is optional. 

What it costs...

We have international rates and local rates for South African residents:

South African residents

R250 per module

R1000 - 5 class bundle

R1750 - 10 module bundle


US$20 per module

US$80 - 5 class bundle

US$140 - 10 module bundle

Payments can be made via Paypal

Courses are considered booked once full payments are received.

Courses during the week run from 8pm. To book a date, please fill out the form below.

Courses are considered booked once full payments are received.

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Bookings are essential! If you would like any more information, please contact us using the form below. Please ensure that you number the modules you are interested in, alternatively mention "Online Bundle" to take the entire 10 module option. 

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